My name is Rodolphe Célestin, I'm a 20-year-old french graphic designer and this is my cool retro & vintage portfolio made with love.

I’m currently working at Cellules Studio in Paris as web & graphic designer.

So, why don't you take a look at my work ?!

My featured work

- Here we are with few works -

Black & White Is Beautiful

Graphic design / Print

Black and white are not colours, they are philosophies. The fact that black and white both refuse to be defined as colours is part of their political agenda. The use of black and white in graphics and text goes back a long way in time, and maybe this is one of the reasons why we continue to come back to it. It is familiar and traditional, yet so basic that it can be used in new contemporary context and compositions without the connotations of tradition and past times.

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Web design

Evenmential website for the electric bike. The site highlights a "tour de France" (road show) to promote the electric bike.

The project is a demand of the Cycleurope company - First European manufacturer of bicycle.

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Design ?

Publishing / Print

Creation of a book serie telling what is design (product, visual communication and space).

The book is a collection of personal observations on the design that we encounter every day.

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Lost : Intro theme


Alternativ generic to the LOST series, inspired by the work of Ty Mattson.

The generic is based on the animation of graphic elements in solid colors to make the generic clean, dark and dramatic. Making a storyboard was necessary to be more effective and gain organization. I took the highlights of the series to make sense.

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Rock 'n' Roll


Creation of an illustration highlighting the music scene

Size : 21 cm x 100 cm / Printed on Canson 224 gr.

Project under the direction of Sandrine Martin, illustrator for Le Monde, Libération, Gallimard, Hatier, Milan, Cambridge.

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La symbolique dans le Seigneur des Anneaux

Publishing / Print

Creation of a 42 pages book on the "La symbolique dans le Seigneur des Anneaux" written by Thibaut Jan, Bragelonne edition . A6 format intended for a gondola book store. I respect precises specifications and a manufacturing cost.

I had to naturally transcribe the Lord of the Rings univers through a paper support. The result is a choice of typography and graphic elements.

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New personnal visual identity


New personnal visual identity for showcasing my work. I use it for my new creativ book and resume.

I use once again a retro & vintage style because I'm very sensitive to it.

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Troisième Oeil

Web design

Creation of a newsletter for the "Trosième Oeil" a cultural guide for hanging out in Troyes".

I created the hole thing following the actual graphic chart of the website

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Le Chemin

Graphic design / Print

"Le chemin est un hommage à l'espace. Chaque tronçon du chemin est en lui-même doté d'un sens et nous invite à la halte. (...)

Avant même de disparaître du paysage, les chemins ont di paru de l'âme humaine : l'homme n'a plus le désir de cheminer et d'en tirer une jouissance. Sa vie non plus, il ne la voit pas comme un chemin, mais comme une route : comme une ligne menant d'un point à un autre, du grade de capitaine au grade de général, du statut d'épouse à celui de veuve. Le temps de vivre s'est réduit à un simple obstacle qu'il faut surmonter à une vitesse croissante." (...)

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La lettre m

Web design / Multimedia

Creation of a graphic univers around a letter. The letter "m" was the one I chose for the words that inspired me : Music, Muse, Mystery and Movement.

I've made a storyboard to see what interactions were going to be created. I've made a false 3D univers to play with shadows to make something immersive.

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Graphic design / Print

Following specifications, I created an ad for a cultural event in my uni. I try to make something a bit fun and ducky.

The vintage and retro style matches quite good with this kind of ad.

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Bonne. Question ? Studio

Web design / Graphic design

Created for an academic project, Bonne. Question ? is a web, graphic and audiovisual studio based in Troyes, Fr.

Creation of the visual identity for web & print supports.

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Manon de Vanssay's Portfolio

Web design

Creation of the personnel website for a design product student. For this project, I had to be constantly in touch with the client to ensure I wasn't going the wrong way. Researches was the most important part of this project.

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How I used to work

- To make quality designs -



Project evaluation mock-ups, design direction.. Taking in consideration any existing website then decide on the best tools and techniques to get the job done.



By far my favourite part of the process, drawing from the information gathered in the previous stage, I try to come out with a good looking design.



At this stage coding comes (only for websites projects). This is were I start crafting a site based on the final design. Always taking into consideration latest trends & standards.

Let's talk about me

- I'm all around nice guy -

My name is Rodolphe Célestin. I'm 20 years old and I'm currently studying at the "ESAA" the School of Graphic Arts and Design in the city of Troyes - France.

I'm especially interested by computer graphics and web. That's why I've decided to get deeply involved in web and graphic design which are my main focus today and that it will be hopefully, in the long term.

Indeed, I've always been fascinated by the technology of the Internet and design. I've been introduce to web and graphic design since 2 years.

In my wish to make websites, posters, flyers and adds, it is important for me to get involved in every stage of their implementation. I attach particular importance to the look and details, which I think, make the difference. To do this, it is important to always keep abreast of the latest trend. I'm always looking for ideas that might make my work more creative.

Here's my a presentation of my new school above.. Check this out.

Check out my new design school !

- ESAA, based in Troyes, France -

The timeline

- Some events in my little life -

Birth - 21/05/92 I'm part of the "X generation". I'm born with digital technology and a pop culture. I grew up with the Pokémons, Ninja Turtles and I knew the beginning of the Internet.
Starting playing music - 1998 I started playing drums at the age of 6. So, it introduced me in the music world which is one of my passion today.
I discovered the Internet and Computers - 1998 My parents bought their first PC and discovered in the same time the Internet with Wanadoo (well know as Orange today).
First band - 2005 I formed a band call "The Sandwiches", We played Foo Fighters and Nirvana songs until we did our first home record with our own songs, such an amazing experience !
Fall in love with England - 2003 I'm totally found of England, I love the English language and English culture.
First time in UK/London - 2004 First time in England. I've been to London, it certainly is the city where I'd like to live later.
Debut on Photoshop - 2008 As I wanted to make studies dealing with design, I discovered this main software to make cool stuffs. This is the software I use the most today.
I have my Bac ! - July 2010 It was my first major diploma in my life, I had an european english mention.
First diploma in Design/Comm - 2012 Get my 2-year-degrees in design com. at the uni.
Internship : April/June 2012 I worked at the Talky Walky agency in Troyes as a trainee in web design and communication.
Esaa : Studies in Graphic Design - 2012/2013 3rd year of study in Arts and Graphic Design.
My first Gameboy - 1998 I had my first Gameboy when I was 6, I also became a Pokémon addict as every kids of my age.
Internship : February/August 2013 Graphic designer and art director assistant at Cellules - Paris

Download my resume (In french)

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